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Charity Fund “Borzhavska Nadiia” established the Social Rehabilitation Center (Children’s village) with the purpose of helping orphans, children left without parental care and children appeared in difficult life circumstances, homeless children aged 3 to 18 years.

The center accepts children that:
- got lost;
- are vagabonds or beggars, whose parents location has not been recognized;
- abandoned by parents or guardians;
- left the family, children social protection unit or another institution;
- lost contact with parents during a natural disaster, technological accident or any other disaster;
- are abandoned and homeless;
- are orphans or deprived of parental care;
- have a threat to their life and health during the stay in the family.

Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Organizations

The main objectives are:
- social protection of children;
- creation of social and domestic conditions to ensure normal living, education, labor and meaningful leisure of children;
- providing children with comprehensive social, psychological, pedagogical, medical, legal and other types of aid;
- informing children or their legal representatives about the possibility of obtaining free legal aid in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Free Civil Legal Aid”;
- conducting psychological and pedagogical correction in accordance with the individual needs of each child;
- arrangement of conditions for children to get an education in preschool, general secondary, professional (vocational and technical), extracurricular education institutions based on the center’s location;
- development of professional skills and labor training;
- ensuring the employment opportunities at the legal age (hiring, enrollment to College or University, etc.);
- assisting local executive authorities and local self-government authorities in the social support of children who have been adopted by guardians, custodians, foster families, family-type children's homes;
- participation in the implementation by local executive authorities of measures to overcome homelessness in the specific area;
- working with children's families to normalize the conditions of their socialization;
- development of recommendations for teachers and social workers along with parents or guardians in regards of the social, psychological adaptation of children.